Suction Hoses

The Suction Hose are mainly applied on the drag arm of the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD) or the cutter ladder of the Cutter Suction Dredger(CSD). Compared with discharge hoses, the suction hoses can withstand negative pressure in addition to positive pressure, and can continuously work under dynamic bending conditions. They are essential rubber hoses for dredgers.

The main features of Suction Hose are good wear resistance, weather resistance, and flexibility.

Normally the maximum working pressure of Suction Hoses is up to -0.1 MPa, and the test pressure is -0.08 MPa. Suction Hoses with special or customized requirements, such as those which can withstand pressures ranging from -0.1 MPa to 0.5 MPa, are also available. Suction Hoses are suitable for ambient temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 50℃, and suitable for conveying mixtures of water(or seawater), silt, mud, clay and sand, ranging in specific gravity from 1.0 g/cm³ to 2.0 g/cm³.

The CDSR suction hoses comply with the requirements of International standard ISO28017-2018 and the standard of the Chemical Industry Ministry of China HG/T2490-2011, and can also meet higher and reasonable product performance requirements from customers.

According to different working conditions, there are generally four types of Suction Hoses: Suction Hose with Steel Nipple, Suction Hose with Sandwich Flange, Armored Suction Hose and Segment Steel Cone Hose.

Suction Hose with Steel Nipple


The CDSR Suction Hose with Steel Nipple has good wear-resistance, flexibility and tensile resistance, suitable for both vacuum and pressure condition.

Suction Hose with Sandwich Flange


The CDSR Suction Hose with Sandwich Flange has good wear resistance, vacuum resistance and flexibility, and is suitable for applications with limited installation space.

Segment Steel Cone Hose


The CDSR Segment Steel Cone Hose is usually applied in the cutter ladder of Cutter Suction Dredger(CSD), suitable for conveying sharp, hard materials like coral, gravel, coarse sand, weathered rock, etc.


(1) Built in with super wear-resistant steel cones as the working surface.
(2) Directional combination and connection.
(3) High stability and conveying capacity.

P4-Suction H
P4-Suction H

CDSR Suction Hoses fully comply with the requirements of ISO 28017-2018 "Rubber hoses and hose assemblies, wire or textile reinforced, for dredging applications-Specification" as well as HG/T2490-2011

P3-Armored H (3)

CDSR hoses are designed and manufactured under a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001.

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