CDSR Floating Oil Hose

Floating Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses play an important role in crude oil loading and discharging for offshore mooring. They are mainly applied at offshore facilities such as FPSO, FSO, SPM, etc. A floating hose strip is composed of the following types of hoses:

1. First Off Hose

CY52241 单管体漂浮端部增强管图45° (2)

Single Carcass End Reinforced Floating Hose

CY52241双管体首件管图45° (2)

Double Carcass End Reinforced Floating Hose

2. Mainline Hose

CY52242 单管体漂浮主线管图45°

Single Carcass Mainline Floating Hose


Double Carcass Mainline Floating Hose

3. Reducer Hose (as per hose string configuration)

CY52205 单管体漂浮变径管图45°

Single Carcass Reducer Floating Hose


Double Carcass Reducer Floating Hose

4. Tail Hose

CY51165 单管体漂浮船舷管图45°1920x800

Single Carcass Tail Floating Hose


Double Carcass Tail Floating Hose

5. Tanker Rail Hose

CY51166 单管体漂浮围栏管图45° (2)-1

Single Carcass Tanker Rail Hose

CY52166双管体油轮尾舷管图45° (2)-1

Double Carcass Tanker Rail Hose

These types of hoses differ in shape and structure design, and in technical parameters such as electrical continuity, tensile strength, minimum bending radius, reserve buoyancy, etc., depending on their positions and functions performed in the hose string. The hoses are connected by standard flanges to form a loading or discharging string, the flange rating usually is ASME16.5, Class 150, considering special applications of the hose string, the flanges can also be Class 300, RTJ type or other specific specification.

For fully floating hoses, the buoyancy material is distributed over the whole length in such a manner that the hoses float evenly when connected in a string. Fully floating hoses will have a minimum reserve buoyancy of 20%, and special consideration will be given to certain applications where it may be beneficial to have full, reduced or increased buoyancy over part or all of the hose length.

The CDSR Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses have excellent wind wave resistance and flexibility. They can meet the requirements of application under various sea conditions, they can be used in areas where the ambient temperature is between -29 ℃ and 52 ℃, and suitable for the crude oil and liquid petroleum products with a temperature between -20 ° C and 82 ° C, and the aromatic hydrocarbon content not more than 60% by volume (hose for special oil products can be customized according to the needs of users).

The CDSR Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses are available with rated working pressures of 15 bar, 19 bar and 21 bar or higher for special applications or specific client requirements.

Two distinctive designs within the CDSR Oil Suction and Discharge Hose range are available: Single Carcass Hose and Double Carcass Hose.

As the only manufacturer in China that has obtained OCIMF 1991 certificate and also the first company in China that has obtained GMPHOM 2009 certificate, CDSR has had all types of Oil Hose prototypes, including Floating Hose prototype, certified by third parties such as BV and DNV.

Floating Hoses (10)

- CDSR hoses fully comply with the requirements of the “GMPHOM 2009”.

Floating Hoses (9)

- CDSR hoses are designed and manufactured under a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001.

Bureau Veritas and DNV-2

- Prototype Hose manufacture and testing witnessed and verified by Bureau Veritas and DNV.

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